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We go behind the scenes each month to discover how our members made the leap and launched their own businesses

Tell us a bit about the business you
We are Kate & Ceri and together we run Eco Home Clean Cardiff.

We are a local cleaning company specialising in Eco friendly domestic and office home cleaning, start/end tenancy and deep cleaning services. All our products are toxin free. We are fully insured and competitively priced. 


Why did you start your own business?

We are both passionate about eliminating toxins from our lives and have been using toxin free products free from harmful chemicals personally and in our homes for the past few years. We have both previously had health problems associated with using non Eco cleaners and we are both mothers so take the health implications of using these chemical laden products very seriously for our children as well. We saw a gap in the market in the Penarth/Vale area as there are many cleaning companies but none that we knew of offering Eco cleaning and most importantly from our own experience and market research, none that also worked hard to maintain high, consistent standards and make customer service the absolute highest priority also. We do all that and more.


Anything you do religiously every day?

 Email! We keep in contact with every single client personally which is hugely time consuming but we believe an integral part of our successful business. We don’t believe it’s ok for customers to email us then wait over a day for a response so we have the work email as apps on our phones and respond day & night. We send cleaning reminders where requested, follow up emails asking for feedback, give special referral discounts for loyalty & recommendations and work tirelessly to keep customers happy in the service we provide. 


When you shared your idea for launching your company, what was the reaction?

We went into it so fast it was more a case of look what we have done rather than look at what we are going to do. We just did it. I was 4 months pregnant at the time the idea just came into our heads overnight so that was a great incentive to get things moving ASAP as the huge amount of work involved in setting up the business initially from insurance to banking to websites, branding and promotion wasn’t feasible with a newborn so we hit the ground running and haven’t looked haven’t looked back. Ceri also graduates from university this month and now with 2 boys each we really have our hands full!
What were the best and worst surprises in the company’s early days?

Staffing! We have been extremely fussy when hiring staff as we would never ever want to send a cleaner to someone’s home that we wouldn’t want in our homes so we had endless applicants fail to even turn up for interviews despite several confirmations then of course we had to find the right people and we have taken jobs on ourselves personally many times rather than send just anyone. But now we have built such a fantastic team and have most days in the diary booked up so now on some days we have several teams out working at the same time. When you find the right team they really make your business. We value them hugely!


What was the tipping point when you felt like the company was really off the ground?

In truth:When we had more jobs coming in than we could comfortably cover! We did however the find a further 3 incredible cleaners so we’re able to complete them all and still do to this day. However there was a point where we felt overwhelmed and that we would have to turn jobs away as we just didn’t have the people to complete them. Luckily now that issue is resolved!


What’s been your biggest obstacle so far and how did you overcome it?

(Staffing as above) overcame by taking the jobs ourselves where necessary rather than cancel on a client. 8 months pregnant or a 10000 word dissertation was no excuse!


Who are your mentors and sources of inspirations?

Our children inspire us. They are why we do this. Women/mums these days are torn in every direction so working for ourselves and the freedom that gives in terms of working to our own timescales/schedules and being able to work from home (or the local soft play or coffee shop if need be!) is priceless frankly! Plus we believe there’s no point just talking about it-just do it. Our belief was there’s nothing to lose and we were right-in fact we have gained so much in every sense. 


What entrepreneurial lesson do you most want to pass on to your kids?

That the only limits are the ones you set upon yourself. We didn’t stop long to think after we came up with this fantastic business idea. We didn’t procrastinate. We just did it. We had a chat over coffee and the next day the wheels were in motion with social media and a website. By the end of week 2 we had all the above in place, a business bank account, insurance and we’re looking for staff. By week 3 we were taking on jobs. We just did it!


How do you reboot?

We don’t have a lot of free time balancing the business, a degree and children between us but when we do get the time, a reflexology treatment at Natural Steps Reflexology in Penarth works wonders & combines relaxation with incredible Heath benefits. Failing that, a few cocktails in Bar 44 can’t fail!;)


What project are you working on at present?

Our main focus now is expansion so getting more amazing, hard working, reliable cleaners on board, gaining more regular domestic & start/end tenancy house cleans and we are certainly looking to take on more office cleaning contracts.
Go-to weeknight meal?

A homemade skinny chilli packed full of veg with sweet potato.


Recommended city hotel to visit?

Jolyons on cathedral road or St David’s hotel 


Top of your holiday wishlist



Your favourite motivational quote:

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them. – Seth Godin
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    What a brillant business and one I never know existed. It’s great to find out what other like minded women are doing in and around Cardiff. Good luck for the future expansion

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