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Daf St Clair

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Daf St Clair lives in a quirky cottage by the beach in Llantwit Major and between her and her partner has three dogs and four children – sounds mad, right? But Daf is anything but. She sees the world with a disarming clarity, openness and humour. Life is very different now to the way it was for her 10 years ago. Then, she was burned-out and resentful. She was maintaining the illusion of a fairy-tale, with husband, children and a business, but on the inside she felt she was slowly dying. It was a life of endless responsibilitiy, split loyalties and stress. She was physically exhausted, spiritually bankrupt and convinced that her life had to be ‘worth more than this’! Her midlife breakthrough came when the marriage and business went and she began to see herself despite the Vaseline on the lens of her illusion/delusion. Now, when she’s not out walking the dogs on the cliffs and watching the changing states of the seasons, the weather and the tides, she is watching the shifting well-being of a growing client base. Daf now works as a transformational coach or as she describes herself an alchemist – taking the base metal of peoples’ experiences, frustrations and disappointments and fashioning a golden future built on understanding, acceptance and truth.

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