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Bevan Charles General Ltd  is a independent broker based in Cardiff Bay. We are currently looking after clients spread around the South Wales. We have access to a wide range of products for both personal and commercial insurance.

Our philosophy is to provide tailored Insurance Solutions to each client; different industries require different coverage and different risk management strategies.

Our aim is to get to know the mechanics of your business to ensure we understand and respond to your requirements in an efficient, cost effective and non intrusive manor.

Insurance is seen as a necessary evil, you have to pay it, but never want to have to use it, we want to make the process of insuring your business as un-intrusive as possible, whilst still ensuring you are adequately protected at a competitive premium.

Getting the right insurance coverage provides you with piece of mind and protects your business, getting the wrong products or advice can be catastrophic to your business and leave you and your business exposed.

As a member of a national network of community brokers, Bevan Charles General Ltd bridges the gap between a small stand-alone local broker and a large and faceless corporation.

Our clients come first and we make every effort to look after their interests.

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