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We welcome the delightful and very calming Cora Darlington to BWC and we hope you enjoy reading about her business journey so far. Why don’t you grab a soothing cup of tea, sit comfortably and get lost in her soothing interview 


How did you find out about BWC?

I found about the group via word of mouth, it was recommended by a fellow businesswoman.


Which hub did you join and why?

I joined the Penarth hub as it is my local area, and I was excited to connect with other local businesses and business woman in my community.


If you worked in the corporate world what did your career path involve?

NA I was a singer : )


What inspired you to start your business?

I was truly inspired to begin my business because of the transformation that I was, and am experiencing in my life, and I wanted to help other woman feel the same. I feel that I have a very important message and that it really is my purpose, it is fantastic to feel so passionate and connected to my business. 


What concerns do you have/did you have when taking the leap from corporate life to starting your own business?

My main fears have been, and still are at times, will anyone want to hear what I have to say? Am I good enough, clever enough to make my business work?

I embrace those fears though, because they very much represent growth and expansion which is amazing.


What has been the best and most challenging moments to date and why?

Overwhelm!!! So many ideas and things that I want to carry through and a real urgency to do all of them all at once, which for a girl that considered herself uncreative and lost is a blessing in itself.


Who inspires you and why?

So many people inspire me, and all of them have played their part in the creation of my business. Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robinson, Jim Rohn, Rhondda Byrne and Bob Proctor are some of the greats. They all believe in the fact that we all have the power to create our own reality, this is something that I absolutely believe and know to be true in my personal experience.

Closer to home are people like my husband, for his natural belief that everything always works out, and his constant patience and kindness, and my mum for a ton of reasons.

On this wonderful ride that I am on I am finding that more and more amazing people are appearing in my life, each with something unique that touches and inspires me.  


What has been the key to your success so far, even if you are literally only days into launching your own business?

 Authenticity, not being scared to show who I am in my business. I am not two different people, one at home and someone different in my business.

I am absolutely passionate about my business, and feel that I have something to say that is worth listening to (even though my fears sometimes get the better of me).

My business is all about teaching others to recognise their own incredible power; I cannot fail to love a business that is built on that.  

Also, I am having fun and I am embracing ALL of my journey, including my mistakes. I view my mistakes as much of a blessing as my triumphs because they bring me ever closer to my grandest vision.


What are your 2016 business goals?

To raise my profile in my local community, to facilitate a fantastic retreat, to have a greater online presence, to co-create with amazing woman on projects that inspire me, to finish writing my book and so much more.

Above all else, my goals are joy, inspiration, fun, creativity and feeling good.


What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of starting their own business?

We each have something unique to offer the world so…

Tip 1 – If you love what you do you are exactly where you should be.

Tip 2 – Never be afraid of making mistakes, they are necessary for growth and clarity and are your friends.

Tip 3 – You are the deliberate creator of your own life, decide what you want (not what you think you can have) and don’t stop till you achieve it.


I know you said 3 Tanya but I have to just say, don’t forget that life is meant to be fun, it’s an adventure, so enjoy it.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently organising my first retreat at the beautiful Holm House in Penarth, writing a book and co-creating on a few secret and very exciting projects with some amazing woman, and just generally growing my business.


What’s the best lesson to date you took away from your time at BWC?

That we are all having the same fears and challenges and that it is not weakness to share those struggles. And we are more powerful when we come together.


What is your secret to a good ‘Life Long’ balance?

 It is not selfish to put you first, self-love is EVERYTHING.

If you put yourself first, and honour your needs you are more effective and powerful in every other part of your life, including your relationships and your career.  

For more information about Cora’s business and mindfulness workshops she offers please contact her at…

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